What are the top kind of trees?

What are the top kind of trees?

There are some alarming statistics regarding the pace of deforestation that is taking place all over the world. Around 1% of forest is cut down each and every year. Not only the industries are responsible for massive deforestation process which benefits them unduly and harms the environment but we as citizens are equally culpable for not planting trees when we have the capacity to do so.

We are clearly aware of the benefits trees confers upon us. From providing wood to regulating oxygen levels in the environment and preventing soil erosion to keeping up the wildlife, it has got all. These reasons must encourage us to plant more and more trees.

It doesn’t matter whether we are experts in botany or not, it is important for us to have some knowledge of different kinds of trees that have been discovered till now. Knowing about them makes us more informed regarding our planting decisions. The ultimate result is a better world. Nevertheless, here are the top kind of trees that one must consider:


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Maple are pretty popular. They are native to Eastern American soils and has become widely recognized in the nation due to the scent it offers. The maple wood is very hard, indeed one of the hardiest of all. It is very difficult not to bump in of them on the streets. There are over 125 species of maple tree including red maple and sugar maple. Canadian flag has a maple leaf depiction on it.


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These evergreen trees have long and broad leaves as they become adults. The height is over 300 meters. The bark is pretty prominent and the fruits are consisted in capsules. One of the main uses of this specie is that making of paper. Plywood is used to make paper and the poles are also used for house constructions.


Rosewood trees touch up to an altitude of about 25 meters. It has a diameter of about 3 meters. It is a dedicious tree which grows in a straight manner. The flower that grows on this specie either comes in white or pink. Fruit obtained is brown-colored and hard. The wood obtained is commonly used as fuel in rural areas where gas supplies are scarce. The wood is also used to make furniture.

Oak tree

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Oak trees are widely popular all over the world. It comes under the category of flowering plants. There are a number of oak trees present in nature. The bark of white oak trees are used for medical purposes. The wood from this tree is treated as precious timber which is further processed in furniture industry to meet the demands of public.


Edible nuts are provided from hazel tree. This shrub type comes with multiple stems and the leaves are elongated which makes it look like a racket. The texture is pretty rough. You can easily identify a hazel tree by looking at the fruits. The tree grows in a straight fashion with less obstructions usually.

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